Friday, August 7, 2009

Return visit to an almost forgotten food outlet

In one of the thread in AOC forum a member was going through his list of favourite food outlets and I saw a place he mentioned that I have not been there for almost 15 years. I was surprised that this shop is still around after all these years. That place is called Hing Ket Grill House in Kampung Jawa, Klang.

The last time I was there was with a group of friends which include my wife while I was still single! This shop is famous for their grill lamb then and we always order grill lamb whenever we visited it. Back then to get to that shop, the only access road was from Federal Highway and have to pass through a single lane bridge. You'll have to wait for the cars on their other side of the bridge to pass first before you drive through. A short distance after the bridge and you'll see the shop on your right.

For some reason, the shop just didn't come up in my mind everytime we want to go for seafood in the Klang area. The mention of this outlet by that member bring it back to my memory. I wanted to revisit this place again one of this day.

Today my wife came home and out of the blue suggested that we should have seafood. I said why not we try out Hing Ket after all these years. So off we go in our giant looking for the shop. Initially I was hesitant to take the giant out since there has been quite a lot of JPJ road block lately. However given that it is almost sunset, I guess it is safe to go out with the giant today.

I wasn't sure of the location of this shop now that we are using the Kesas Highway to go there. I look up the Net and found a map that shows it location. Unfortunately that map was not correct so I have to call the shop to get better direction. When we get to the shop, the parking lot is filled with cars. We have to wait for a while for one of the customer to leave before we get to park the giant.

The shop is used to be a shack and it still hasn't change much except that the place where they grill the food is now partitioned with cement walls. Even on a weekday, there are still quite a lot of customer but not full. We ordered a grill crab, two grill sotong and a plate of "tang hun" noodle. We wanted to go for the grill lamb too but my wife saw how they burn the meats on the grill so decided not to try it this time.

The "tang hun" came first and it is alright but nothing to shout about.
The grill sotong came about 20 minutes later and we both agree that it looks good from the outside but after a first bite it was nothing special.

The sotong was just bland without any grill taste and it was on the hard side. We will not be ordering sotong again if we go back there.

Then another 25 minutes wait before the grill crab finally came. The size of the crab is a little bit disappointing as we expected a bigger crab.

Anyway, the crab meat was just nice and tasty. If not for the crab, we would think that this place don't deserve a second visit. This is what left of the crab after the meal!

The biggest let down of the whole experience is that they are slow. It took us almost two hours just to sample 3 dishes even though the outlet is not packed. We were originally thinking of adding a grill fish as well but were glad we didn't commit to it.

Will we go back again? Maybe we will give it one more try but we will definitely stick to the safe choices - grill crab and grill lamb.

PS. As for the direction to this outlet. If you are coming from Kesas Highway, take the Kampung Jawa exit (3rd tolls if you are coming from Cheras), and turn right. Go straight until you reach a small roundabout, take the 12 o'clock and go straight till you pass an Esso petrol station on your left. Look out on the left after an Indian temple. The shop is at the bend on your left. If you miss it, look out for a big mosque on your right and you can u-turn back.

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