Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guest Post From A Reader

This is the first guest post from a reader. He shared with me his joy of how he managed to use the information I posted in this blog to help him to find his giant. I have edited some contents to protect the identity of the reader.

Dear Nighto Chan

Hi there! I’m Azlan from Tronoh, Perak!

My family and I would like to record my utmost appreciation to you as you’re my numero uno source of information when we decided to purchase the Giant!

We’ve take possession of the Giant recently on 28 June 2011. As you can see from the smiling face of my wife lovely wife, we’re definitely going to enjoy the Giant.

Over here is a picture of me together with the owner of the shop and my second youngest children.

I bought the Giant from Ah Bee from K. S. Used Car at Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh.

My son and I posing beside the Giant in front of the shop before driving off to our home in Tronoh.

The Giant is a 2006 2.4L NFL Alphard V, first registered at Nagoya with a registration number “NAGOYA 399 ME 3019” in June 2006 with a serial number of ANH10-xxxxxxxx.

It is a DBA-ANH10W Model with a 2AZ engine with 8 seats. According to the Export Certificate issued by the Japanese Authority, it has clocked 98,100 km as at 21 June 2009 The funny thing is that the current trip meter clocked about 35,484 km, as at 14 June 2011.

The Giant reached in January 2011 with an AP from Sarawak.

Before confirming the purchase of the Giant, it was inspected by my respected and trusted mechanic Ah Foh at Tronoh.

The following pictures are taken during the inspection of the Giant by my mechanic. After checking Ah Foh recommended that the Giant to be fitted with a set of new tires for all four of them.

The right hand side of the Giant.

The left-hand side of the Giant.

The HU is not original and the Giant is not fitted with sonar sensor.

The Giant has only “Power Door Off” switch, though it has multi function steering.

The Giant has only “Left Power Door” switch.

My Giant Dash Board.
The rear end of my Giant.

That’s all from us at Tronoh.
Please feel free to share any tips and advice to us from time to time.

Nevertheless up till today, I’m not quite sure what is the exact model of my Giant either AXS or AXL. (Edit. I think this is an AX model based on the spec listed)

Another thing is that could you please direct me on how to change the middle seat so that they can face the third row seat.

Thank you once again for keeping the blog alive.

Best regards

Tronoh, Perak