Sunday, January 23, 2011

More on Bluetooth Function

I haven’t been using the Bluetooth function on the HU for a while. As I have recently gotten an Android phone (HTC Desire), I thought I would pair with the HU so that I can use the hands-free function again while I drive.

However when I tried to add a new device on the Bluetooth screen that button is gray-out. I was thinking is that something wrong with my Bluetooth function? After fiddling with the Bluetooth options for a while then only I realized the hands-free function can only be paired with a maximum of 5 Bluetooth-enabled phones. I have previously been testing and showing the Bluetooth function to other AOC members so I have maxed out the pairing.

I deleted all the old phones entry from the Bluetooth option screen and I can now add my Android phone. I also tried pairing my wife’s iPhone 4 with the HU without any problem. I was thinking how would the HU know which phone to pair with if both my wife and I turn on the Bluetooth function in our phone at the same time. Well the HU keep track of the last paired and connected Bluetooth phone. The next time when that same phone is found, it will be paired and connected. So if you find that you Bluetooth is not pairing with you own phone for whatever reason, you might have change the preference the last time you fiddle with the Bluetooth screen.

Given that the iPhone can pair with the HU, then the next question is whether an iPad can be paired with the HU and be use to control the HU function. Theoretically I don’t think it work. However I don’t have an iPad so I would need to “borrow” one to try it out.

An interesting discovery I had is that both the Android and iPhone can be paired with the HU but they can’t be paired with each other. Both are based on Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate technology but somehow during the authentication, the passkey entry screen is not prompted so there is no way for the pairing to complete.

I met an old friend at the driving range last Friday and we also tried to pair his Samsung Galaxy S with my HTC Desire. Still we can’t get the pairing to work. I have been doing a bit of research and I think there are many other HTC Desire owners are also having the same problem. I haven’t found an answer to this problem yet. I guess I will have to wait for the next firmware update from HTC to see if this problem is resolved.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Calendar Time In the NFL HU

I was fiddling with HU today and going through the calendar function to see what else can I use it for. Then I noticed the time displayed on the calendar screen is one hour ahead of the time displayed on my time clock.

As I scrolled through the HU screen, I just can’t find anywhere to configure the time for the HU. Then it occurred to me that the HU is probably are getting it time through some kind of sync over the air. The only way for the HU to sync with outside is through the GPS function. Even as I go through the GPS option screens I still can’t find any place to set the time.

It took me quite a while to figure out that the HU might be getting it time from the hidden GPS function in the diagnostic menu. Just as I thought I can see that there is a button to set the date and time in the hidden GPS function.

When you press the Set Date Time button, it will show you the following screen. From here you can set the date and time accordingly.

However I didn’t set it to the local time yet as I was wondering if the GPS is continuously syncing with some satellites to get the date and time. Is this how the HU is able to announce the day and date every time you start the car for the first time in any day? The time in the HU calendar function is actually the current Japan time which is one hour ahead of our time. I believed if I were to start the car after 11pm every night here, the HU might actually announce the next day. I will have to try this out to see if this is the case.

I will also need to spend some time researching on how GPS work before I can confirm if the GPS actually work in the giant.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Seats Configurations For Storage Space

One of my reader commented that he think the storage space on the giant is really limited. Given that this giant is more of a people carrier there is really not much space is reserved for storage. If you have a large luggage and the giant is full with passenger than it would be a challenge to find some space for that luggage.

One option is to create a large space between the rear seats, so that all the passengers will sit facing each other while the center space is reserved for the luggage. If you don’t have any passenger than you can always move the rear seats to create enough space for your luggage.

With all the seats upright and push all the way to the back, there are still about less than a feet of space behind the 3rd row seats for you to put some small objects (as shown below).

If you push the third row seats a bit to the front, you might be able to create enough space to put two pieces of luggage upright (as shown below).

In fact with this configuration, you can stack four full size golf bags for a full flight.

If you have some large luggage that requires more space, then you can push the 3rd row seats all the way to the front.

This allows you to put more luggage or other large-sized objects.

Of course, you can also lift the 3rd row seats up to create more space. I have previously covered this in this post.

If you want even a longer space to put in some long object, you can lower the backrests of the 3rd row seats.

The middle row seats backrest can be push to the front to provide more space to hold a long object. However the middle row seat backrests will be at a slightly higher position then the rear seats flatbed. If you really wanted a flat space, you can also tilt the backrest of the middle row seats to lie flat as shown below.

You’ll need to remove the head rests of the middle row seats in order for you to be able to lower the backrests completely.
Ultimately, you can create a totally flat surface for all the seats (as shown below).

I snipped this photo from the Toyota Alphard brochure I downloaded previously. I was too lazy to do this on my giant!

This configuration should allow you to put any large, long, and flat object (like a cushion etc) inside the car. In this all flat configuration, it does allow you to rest lying flat if you can’t find a hotel while on the go!