Friday, July 10, 2009

Bluetooth Connection to the HU In Your Toyota Alphard

The NFL HU uses bluetooth connection extensively for many of its communication functions. If you have a bluetooth-enabled phone, you can also connect it wirelessly to the HU to use it hands-free function. I will describe the steps in this post how to set up the bluetooth connection.

Start by pressing the G-Book (情報-G) button to bring up it main menu.
Touch the TEL button to bring up the Telephone Settings screen

First time when you configure the Telephone Settings it will remind you that no telephone is connected. Just wait for the message to dismiss by itself.

Touch the 設定 button to bring up the Setting screen

In this screen you can configure the One-Touch (ワンタツチ), sound volume setting (音量設定), screen setting (画面設定), Bluetooth setting, Telephone book (電話帳), Security (セキュリティ), and Phone unit selection (電話機選択) functions.

When you touch the Bluetooth button, it will bring up this screen Make sure you bluetooth function on your mobile phone is activated and now touch the 登録 button and the HU will wait for you to pair your mobile phone to it as shown below

Go to your mobile phone now to pair with the bluetooth device on the HU with your phone. The device name is by default call "HANDS FREE". Once the device is found by your bluetooth function on your mobile phone, you'll have to key in the pass-key as shown on the screen (your pass key value will be different from mine) and the bluetooth devices will be paired.

Once the pairing is successful, the screen will now display the following message
Once the pairing is done, you'll can check the paired device by touching the "電話機選択" button to display the Phone Unit Selection page

To comfirm the detail of the paired device, you can touch on that device and it will display the pairing details as shown below.
In the Bluetooth setting screen, you can also change the Device Name and Pass Key by touching the 変更 button to change it value using the Edit screen shown below
I wrote in this post previously on how to use the Edit screen.

If you change your mobile phone and want to delete the paired device from the HU, you'll go back to the Bluetooth setting page as shown below.

Touch the Erase (削除) button and the following screen will appear.

Touch Yes (はい) to confirm delete the pairing or NO (いいえ) to abandon the operation. If you choose yes, the following screen will be shown to confirm the deletion.

In the next post I will blog on how to use the hands-free function.


  1. Hi, any idea how do i set up the bluetooh connection on the pre-facelift HU?

  2. Hi,

    Unfortunately many have tried but have not been able to make the bluetooth connection work on the pre-facelift HU. Many have given up on making it work.

    Sorry can't help you on this.

  3. hi,

    maybe u can help me on my estima head unit.
    the HU got problem. its appear program cannot be read please consult to a dealer.

    so if u know to fix...please help me...really need help....

    my no is 0196190800...paul

  4. Hi Paul,

    Sorry I am not familiar with the head unit on Estima.

    I think you need to send it to one of those reputable accessory shop to see if they have a fix for your head unit.


  5. Hi,
    Can we pair more than one phone to the HU?

  6. Hi

    Yes, you can piar more than one phone to the HU however you can only use one phone at a time.


  7. hi..

    i have successfully connected my hp to the giant BT. but just wanna know the meaning of this...BT Forward and BT Backward after pressing seek button.


  8. Hi rainbowsix,

    Glad that you manage to connect your HP to the giant BT. I have not played with that feature before so I am not sure what it means.