Friday, July 10, 2009

Play Video on the HU in Your Toyota Alphard

In this post, I will cover how to operate the DVD video function on the HU.

After you insert a DVD into the unit, the HU will display this screen

It will prompt you a message to remind you to touch the screen to operate the video function. Just press the (了解)button to dismiss the message and it will bring up to the main video display screen

At this point, you can touch anywhere on the screen to bring up the menu screen as shown below

At the top of the screen, it will display the title (タイトル), chapter (チャプター), play back mode (Dolby Digital or Stereo), Channel (3/2.1ch) to indicates if multi-channel is in operation (5.1 channel mode).

To select the menu options, you'll have to bring up the Menu Selection screen by touching the (メニユー) button.

Touch the arrow buttons to nagivate through the DVD menu options and then touch the (決定) button to select it. The buttons at the bottom from left to right are Move (移動) button to move the menu option to the top, "off" to turn off the menu, and 戻る to return to previous screen.

When you press the (次ページ) button on the Menu Selection screen, it will bring up this screen This screen allow you to configure the video playback functions. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons to search (サーチ), return (リターン), configure sound (音声), subtitle (字幕) and angle (アングル). I think these configuration only work with HU with multi-channel functions capability. Since my HU doesn't come with the multi-channel functions (that support 5.1 ch playback), these buttons does't work on my HU.

To configure the initial settings for the video function, touch the 設定button at the top and it will bring up this screen

The first three options allow you to configure the prefer language (by default in Japanese (日本語), the next one configure the mutil-angle function (to display or not to display). I am not familiar with the next option so I can't describe it.

Touch the (次ページ) button to get to the 2nd page of the video settings.

This screen allow you to configure the downmix (ダウンミツクス), dynamic sound range (ダイナミツクレンジ), and the speaker level control (スビーカーレペル).

To configure the prefer language, touch any of the languge option above to bring up this screen

Select English (英語) if required but I don't see it work on my HU as remain in Japanese.

When you select the speaker level control button, it will bring up this screen.

To configure the sound level for each of the speaker, touch on each of the button (L/C/R/Ls/RS/SW) and use the Up or Down button to increase or decrease the level. Do note that if your unit doesn't have the multi-channel function, you'll not be able to control the sub-woofer speaker level.

Hope this help you to enjoy your videos now.


  1. Stumbled upon your blog while searching head unit info for my Dad's 2006 Alphard. Its head unit look different from yours.

    We were trying to play DVD movies but was puzzled. We found out that the head unit can't play ORIGINAL DVD but able to play *ahem* copy. As well as DVD9.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks, Javen

  2. Hi Javen,

    I guess your Dads' Alphard come fitted with an after market head unit. Maybe the original DVD is not encoded with the correct format hence it can't play with this head unit.

    Most "ahem" and DVD9 copies are probably encoded with the correct format so it can play. Even with my head unit I can play most DVD (original or ahem copy) but once it a while it will fail to read one or two DVD movies.


  3. Hi bro

    I have a NFL giant with the same ori HU unit like yours. Does the HU dvd drive region free? Can play Vcd? I tried with ori DVD and Vcd both can not play, put in a 'ahem' DVD, it play for a while then stop and the DVD can not eject liao.....



  4. Hi Ellis,

    Since this is a JDM model, I would think the ori HU is spec for Japan region DVD only. However I have been able to play some 'ahem" DVD on my HU without any problem. Of course I also have some "ahem" DVD that get stucked like your case. What I normally do is to stop the car, switch off the engine and wait for a while and then I will be able to eject the "ahem" DVD.


  5. Hello, nice to meet you. I just bought alphard mzg 2004, i want to extend the radio frequency from 90 Mhz to 108 Mhz, i use it in Indonesia. Can i use this item ? .. how to install this item in my car ?...

    about the GPS, how the way so i can use my alphard GPS in Indonesia ? ... thanks

    this is my email : , what's yours ?

    1. I don't think you can extend the radio frequency within the head unit. You can use a radio frequency booster but all it doesn't is to boost the frequency so that you have better reception. The only way to get those frequency in your country is to change the head unit. Sorry.

      I am not sure if the GPS can be used in your country just like our. It is designed for JDM market so it doesn't work here or in your country.

      My email is

  6. Bro Nighto,

    I wonder whether you can assist me with this problem that I am having. Everytime when I release the "handbrake" which is the parking brake pedal, the video that is running on the main screen will disappear and it will reappear when i press back the parking brake pedal. I guess this is a security feature of the car but I wonder whether I can turn this feature off. Appreciate if you could assist.



    1. Hi Mois, I think that is a standard feature. I haven't found a way to turn it off.

  7. Hi Nighto,

    Please let me know how to play DVD on main screen in HU? coz in my HU everytime i play DVD only play in rear TV, in main screen only showing DVD track only.


    1. Not sure which HU are your referring to.

      If this is the standard behaviour I guess the installer may have configure the video signal to play only on the rear TV. Please check again.

  8. Hi bro's,

    My car's HU is the same as bro Nighto and it actually a safety feature.

    You will need a relay to bypass the foot break and rpm so you can watch DVD while cruising.

    Hope this help.

    1. Thanks for the reminder.

      If Antony's HU is a stock unit and the previous owner didn't install the relay to bypass it, then the video will only appear on the rear TV.

      Mine came with the relay so I don't have to do anything when I got my car.

      The law in Japan is strict so video is not displayed on the HU when the car is on the move.