Thursday, July 16, 2009

Other Configuration Options in the HU

While the G-Book online services is not operational here, there are a few options in the G-Book section in the HU that you can configure. In this post, I will cover those options that you can configure.

When you press the G-Book (情報-G) button, it will bring you to the G-Book Main Menu as shown below.
Toyota Alphard G-Book Main Menu
Touch the "Surrounding Monitor" ( 周辺モニタ) button to bring up this Setting screen.
Toyota Alphard Surrounding Monitor On this screen, touch the "Blind Corner Monitor" (ブラインドコーナーモニター) button to bring up this screen.

Toyota Alphard Monitor Select You select either 2-directions (2 方向), 3-directions (3 方向) or switchable between 2-directions and 3-directions. With the last option, when you activate the front camera button, there is an option (circled in red below) at the bottom of the screen that you can "touch" to switch the camera view.Toyota Alphard Front Camera View Switching

Press the "Complete" (完了) button to return to the previous screen.

Back at the "Surrounding Monitor Setting" ( 周辺モニタ設定) screen, touch the "Clearance Sonar " (クリアランスソナー) Sound Setting button to bring up this screen.Toyota Alphard Sonar Sound Settings You can configure the sound volume of the sonar either from low volume (小) to high volume (大).

Press the "Complete" (完了) button to return to the previous screen.

Back at the "Surrounding Monitor Setting" ( 周辺モニタ設定) screen, touch the "Lane Monitoring System" (レーンモニタリングシステム) button to bring up this screen

Toyota Alphard Lane Monitoring
The default setting is already set with the car in the middle of the lane, with the white line on the right as the extreme right of the lane. If you prefer to have a narrower lane size, touch the "狭" button, it will move the car closer to the white line as shown below

If you prefer a widen lane, then touch the "広" button for a wide lane size as shown belowToyota Alphard Lane Width SelectionThe lane monitoring system is turn on by default for high speed monitoring. You can turn it off by touching the "しない" button on the bottom left. This function only work when the speed is above 80km/h.

Back at the "Surrounding Monitor Setting" ( 周辺モニタ設定) screen, touch the "Back Guide Monitor" (バックガイドモニター) button to bring you to the Setting screen as shown below.Toyota Alphard Back Guide Monitor The first option is the "Parallel Guide Sound Setting" (縦列ガイド音声設定) allow you to configure sound volume of the parallel parking guide as shown below.

The second option allow you to configure whether to show the initial point of your car for parallel parking shown on the monitor.

Toyota Alphard Back Guide Initial Point The 3rd option allow you to configure the line type of your rear camera. Select "はい" to select the green line type as shown below

Toyota Alphard Green Line If you choose "しない", it will use the default yellow, red and green lines for rear parking guide

Toyota Alphard Yellow Line

Hope this help.


  1. Hi,

    Have you tried the lane monitoring system?

    I have turned that on on my 2007 MZG while I am driving at 110km/h, but I don't see how it works. Nothing happened when I tried to switch lane.


    1. I have tried it on my giant and it work. Please check in the HU if it has been turned off.