Saturday, July 18, 2009

Replace Air Filter Element in Your Toyota Alpha

This post shows you how to replace the air filter of the Toyota Alphard 2.4L model.

Open the hood and you'll see the air filter box on top of the engine as shown below.
Toyota Alphard 2.4L Engine In front of the air filter box on the right side is the air tube that channel cold air into the air filter box. Loosen the clip holding the air tube to disconnect the tube from the air filter box.

Toyota Alphard Air Filter Cover
On the left side of the air filter box are two clips that holds the air filter box cover. Loosen them by flipping the front clip outward and then unhook the rear clip as shown below.Toyota Alphard Air Filter Cover Clip Now you can completely remove the air filter box cover to access to the air filter element. In the photo below is my KNN replacement air filter element. Toyota Alphard Air Filter

I have purchase an original air filter from Weng Hin as shown below.

Toyota Alphard New Air Filter The air filter element can only be fitted into the air filter box in one direction (with the label facing the inner side of the air filter box) as shown below.

Toyota Alphard Air Filter Element Now just replace the air filter box cover and ensures all the clips are securely fasten.

Enjoy your new air filter element.


  1. How much does it cost per filter? And where can i get one?

  2. I got it from Wing Hin. RM85/piece. Original part from Japan.

    Contact numbers are:

    Wing Hing - 012-2818333 Simon /03-92216168


  3. Nighto, what's your view on the K&N filter? I've read somewhere that it'll ruin the air sensor of our giant. I find that quite odd and I thought of installing one in my giant when I take delivery of it.

    Wai En

  4. Hi Wai En,

    I used to have a K&N filter in my giant. I got if off FREE from another AOC member last time. Since this is a drop-in filter I didn't really felt any different in terms of power delivery.

    The reason for having such a filter is more for longer term maintenance rather than performance inprovement. Supposedly you can use the K&N filter for as long as it last as long you oil it.

    However there is another school of thought that the oil used to maintenance the K&N filter will interfere with the air sensor of our giant. So over long term used of the K&N filter you air sensor might deteriorate faster.

    I have had several discussions with Vision Motorsport who supplier OEM TRD and HKS air filter and they also share the same view. That's why they don't carry K&N.

    Considering the price of the air filter over a long run I decided to use standard air filter.

    If you want to try after market I would suggest you opt for either TRD or HKS air filter. Both last about 80,000km.


  5. Hi, I am Jet. I just bought a Alphard 06, 2.4l. It's there any proof that K&N air filter damage the air sensor? And you can do some test to determine whether it increase the horse power as claim.....

  6. Hi harrier,

    If I understand correctly the K&N filter itself won't have any effect on the air flow sensor. I think the conventional wisdom is that the oil used to lubricate the K&N filter might get suck into the air passage and damage the air flow sensor. Many users caution about this and always advice that after you oil the K&N filter, let it set for a while before you put it back to the air filter box.

    I have use K&N filter for my other old car and the giant before and my butt feel is that is has no performance gain like it claim. Maybe it might give you 1 bhp gain but I don't think you can get feel it.