Sunday, July 12, 2009

Using the Hands Free Function In Your Toyota Alphard

If you HU has been paired with your mobile phone previously via bluetooth connection, next time when you get into your car, the bluetooth connection will be automatically establish and you'll see a message displayed on your LCD screen as shown below.

When you received a call on your mobile phone, the screen will change to the incoming call screen as shown below, you can either press the "Receive Call" button on your steering wheel, or the green colour "Receive Call" button on the LCD to receive the call.

Once you touched the Receive call button, you can hear the incoming call via the speakers while you can talk to the microphone which is located on the right side of the dashboard behind the steering wheel.

The screen will display the call details as shown below

You can disconnect the conversation by touching the red colour "End Call" button or press the End Call button on the steering wheel. Or wait for the calling party to disconnect the call and a message will shown as below

In the next post, I will cover how you can enter your contact information into the Phone Book.


  1. Hi NghtoChan, I was wondering if there is a way for the handsfree function to not play it out using the car speakers but to my handsfree instead? Thanks

  2. Hi,

    I have not tried this because the handsfree system is built on the basis that it uses the speakers for voice output.

    You can turn down the speaker volume and try using the handsfree to see if you can listen to incoming call.


  3. Hey Nightochan,

    I was hoping if you could help me with the problem that I am having regarding the handsfree function. Is there any way to increase the volume of the microphone of the handsfree? I often get people saying that my voice is too soft when I am using the handsfree function on the car. Thanks =)

  4. I am not sure we can do much on the volume. I guess we are speaking to the microphone from more than 2 feets away so it will sound a bit soft. If the voice is really too soft then I guess you'll have to get close to the microphone.

    Another option is to use the those headset with an attached mic.