Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Seats Configurations For Storage Space

One of my reader commented that he think the storage space on the giant is really limited. Given that this giant is more of a people carrier there is really not much space is reserved for storage. If you have a large luggage and the giant is full with passenger than it would be a challenge to find some space for that luggage.

One option is to create a large space between the rear seats, so that all the passengers will sit facing each other while the center space is reserved for the luggage. If you don’t have any passenger than you can always move the rear seats to create enough space for your luggage.

With all the seats upright and push all the way to the back, there are still about less than a feet of space behind the 3rd row seats for you to put some small objects (as shown below).

If you push the third row seats a bit to the front, you might be able to create enough space to put two pieces of luggage upright (as shown below).

In fact with this configuration, you can stack four full size golf bags for a full flight.

If you have some large luggage that requires more space, then you can push the 3rd row seats all the way to the front.

This allows you to put more luggage or other large-sized objects.

Of course, you can also lift the 3rd row seats up to create more space. I have previously covered this in this post.

If you want even a longer space to put in some long object, you can lower the backrests of the 3rd row seats.

The middle row seats backrest can be push to the front to provide more space to hold a long object. However the middle row seat backrests will be at a slightly higher position then the rear seats flatbed. If you really wanted a flat space, you can also tilt the backrest of the middle row seats to lie flat as shown below.

You’ll need to remove the head rests of the middle row seats in order for you to be able to lower the backrests completely.
Ultimately, you can create a totally flat surface for all the seats (as shown below).

I snipped this photo from the Toyota Alphard brochure I downloaded previously. I was too lazy to do this on my giant!

This configuration should allow you to put any large, long, and flat object (like a cushion etc) inside the car. In this all flat configuration, it does allow you to rest lying flat if you can’t find a hotel while on the go!


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