Sunday, January 23, 2011

More on Bluetooth Function

I haven’t been using the Bluetooth function on the HU for a while. As I have recently gotten an Android phone (HTC Desire), I thought I would pair with the HU so that I can use the hands-free function again while I drive.

However when I tried to add a new device on the Bluetooth screen that button is gray-out. I was thinking is that something wrong with my Bluetooth function? After fiddling with the Bluetooth options for a while then only I realized the hands-free function can only be paired with a maximum of 5 Bluetooth-enabled phones. I have previously been testing and showing the Bluetooth function to other AOC members so I have maxed out the pairing.

I deleted all the old phones entry from the Bluetooth option screen and I can now add my Android phone. I also tried pairing my wife’s iPhone 4 with the HU without any problem. I was thinking how would the HU know which phone to pair with if both my wife and I turn on the Bluetooth function in our phone at the same time. Well the HU keep track of the last paired and connected Bluetooth phone. The next time when that same phone is found, it will be paired and connected. So if you find that you Bluetooth is not pairing with you own phone for whatever reason, you might have change the preference the last time you fiddle with the Bluetooth screen.

Given that the iPhone can pair with the HU, then the next question is whether an iPad can be paired with the HU and be use to control the HU function. Theoretically I don’t think it work. However I don’t have an iPad so I would need to “borrow” one to try it out.

An interesting discovery I had is that both the Android and iPhone can be paired with the HU but they can’t be paired with each other. Both are based on Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate technology but somehow during the authentication, the passkey entry screen is not prompted so there is no way for the pairing to complete.

I met an old friend at the driving range last Friday and we also tried to pair his Samsung Galaxy S with my HTC Desire. Still we can’t get the pairing to work. I have been doing a bit of research and I think there are many other HTC Desire owners are also having the same problem. I haven’t found an answer to this problem yet. I guess I will have to wait for the next firmware update from HTC to see if this problem is resolved.


  1. Hi Pro,

    I'm Stanley Wong.
    I want to thank your for words of wisdom on the Giant over the years and hope that you will continue to help us.

    I have just book the Giant with the following spec:
    Alphard 3.0 MZ model, it has all features as in MZG but:
    - Sunroof, Heated Seats
    - H-TEMS Adjustable Suspension
    - TRC Control

    The Giant was fitted with Bridgestone 205/65R16 mfg: 0607 in which is almost 5year-old tyre.
    I was thinking of changing all 4 tyres to new with following options:
    - Dunlop (Japan) 215/60R16 ~$380/pc
    - Continental (Local) 215/60R16 ~$380/pc
    - Michelin (Thailand) 215/60R16 ~$410/pc
    - Michelin (Thailand) 215/65R16 ~$425/pc

    According to the tyreman, 65 series will feel more comfort compared to 60 series. Pls commend..

    I was planning to install V-cool tint film for front windscreen & 4mil on both front side windows for protection for $1600, hope to listen to your opinion..

    I understand you play golf too, normally where does you play & practise..maybe we can have a friendly game..

  2. Hi Stanley,

    I have replied to your email.


  3. Hi Pro,

    My email:



  4. can i have your email? i need some help on my vellfire HU...thanks
    my email is

  5. Hi Michael, I have forward my email to you.


  6. Hi Nighto Chan,

    Thank you for so munch of useful information about the giant.
    I need your help.
    My dad's giant is making a knocking noise at the boot area while driving on uneven road.

    My uncle and I try to remove the boot door panel (inside) and try to check for any loosen parts but could not find any.
    He however notice the gap on the 2 side of the boot when closed is not balanced. One side has more space that the other.
    We do not know if this contributed to the problem or not.

    Anyone experience this problem as well?
    I hope you can help me figure what is wrong.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Lee,

    I suspect it might be the boot stopper getting worn. I have sent you picture of the new stopper. Have a look.


  8. hi Nighto Chan,
    Thank you for sharing knowledge about the Giant. Pls keep sharing those info. my name is Lanz.can i have yr email address?would like to ask about my's different from HU you post in the blog.

  9. Hi Lanz,

    Thanks for dropping by. I have my email address to your gmail account.


  10. Dear Nighto Chan,

    I hope you could let me know where I can find Hong lee motors. I have just purchased a gsr50 and am suspecting that I might have gotten one with defective steering rack and absorbers.

    Any information or help you can provide will be greatly appreciate.

  11. Hi..Nighto Chan..yr blog is very2 helpful. I came across yr blog after i've made a booking 3 days ago for an Alphard V Yr 2007. However, i managed to check the chasis no and relieved to found out that it is really manufactured in yr 2007. Thanx to u for the knowledge.

    Just want yr opinion. Is it worth it that I was offered RM160K for the giant with 1 power door, not sure whether the HU was original, not sure it has bluetooth function or not, and not so sure that it has sonar but i did hear a beep beep sound when the dealer drove it too near to other vehicle.



    1. HI Eliss,

      My motto for choosing the giant is "if you are not sure, walk away"

      Hope this is not too late. Last time when I got my giant, I have twin power doors and many original features as listed in my blog posts and I only pay RM15+K. I think there are better option out there.

  12. Hi There, Happy CNY. Got a question on the green indicator symbol on the dashboard. It looks like a car with 2 beams/sonar going sideways. What is that? How to turn on/off? I can sent you a picture if I hv your email. cheers. Ong. email:

    1. Hi Ong,

      It would help to have a look at the picture.

      Please send it to