Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maintenance Reminders In The HU on Toyota Alphard

One of the feature provided by the G-Book Information button is the maintenance reminder. It is a very simple setup where you enter the date and mileage when you should be reminded on the next maintenance interval for a particular maintenance item. In this post, I will show you how to utilize the maintenance screen.

Start by pressing the G-Book (情報-G) button to bring up it main menu.
Toyota Alphard G-Book Main Menu
Touch the Maintenance (メンテナンス) button to bring up the Maintenance Settings screen.Toyota Alphard Maintenance Screen On this screen, you find the following maintenance items (from top left to bottom right of the first two rows):
  1. Engine Oil Change (エンジンオイル交換)
  2. Oil Filter Change (オイルフィルターを交換)
  3. Tire Rotation (タイヤローテーション)
  4. Tire Change (タイヤ交換)
  5. Battery Change (バッテリー交換)
  6. Brake Pad Change (ブレーキパッド交換)
  7. Wiper Comb Change (ワイパーコム交換)
  8. Coolant Water Change (冷却水交換)
  9. Brake Fluid Change (ブレーキフルート交換)
  10. ATF Change (ATF交換)
The last row is for you to enter the personal items which I will cover later.

To enter the reminder information, press any of the first 0 button above and you'll get a screen similar to the one shown below
Toyota Alphard Maintenance Entry

If you have previously enter a maintenance reminder for that item, you should touch the Erase Setting (設定消去) button to clear the value for this maintenance item. You can also touch the Automatic Renewal (自動更新) button to automatically renew the item based on previously entered value.

Touch the Notification Date (お知らせ日) button which will bring up this screen for you to enter the date in Year/Month/Day format (Japanese format). Toyota Alphard Maintenance Date
Touch the Complete (完了) button to return to the previous screen.

Touch the Notification Distance (お知らせ距離) button to enter the mileage when this item was changedToyota Alphard Maintenance Mileageand then lastly enter the mileage from when the next change should be made.

For some items, you'll only enter the date while other you will have to enter all 3 values.

Touch the Setting Complete (設定完了) button and it will ask you to confirm the action, touch the Yes (はい) button to confirm it.

Toyota Alphard Confirmation Screen

When you touch any one of the 5 Personal Item (パーソナル項目) button, you will be brought to this screen.Toyota Alphard Maintain Personal Item
On this screen, you can enter reminder value for the following personal items:
  1. Professional Care 10 (プロケア10)
  2. 12 months inspection (12ヶ月点検)
  3. Car Inspection (車検)
  4. Coated Glass (ガラスコート)
  5. High Polymer Maintenance (ハイポリマー メンテナンス) ?
  6. Air filter change (エアフィルター交換)
  7. Insurance Renewal (保険満了)
  8. Driving Permit Renewal (免許証更新)
  9. Air Cleaner (エアクリーナー)
  10. V-belt (Vベルト)
  11. Personal Reminder (パーソナル リマインダ)

When you touch on any of the button it will bring up the same reminder screen as the standard maintenance item shown above for you to enter the value.

Back at the Maintenance screen, remember to touch on the Do (する) button next to words Auto Reminder (自動通知) at the top right of the screen to enable the automatic reminder.

This will ensure that you'll be reminded on those item(s) that you have entered maintenance information when the mileage for that reminder has been reached. When the mileage for a particular mainteannce has been reached or the date has been reached, a message will pop-up in the LCD to remind you.

It is interesting to note that the Japanese has thought of all these for their car owners.

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