Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AOC Convoy in July 2009

Two weeks ago, the Alphard Owner Club (AOC) group orgainized its 2nd outstation drive for the year.

AOC is curently not an official club yet but there are plans to formally register it with the Register of Societ once all the paper works are done.
Most of the members of AOC currently "meet virtually" at the online forum (http://www.alphardasiaclub.com/). In fact other those members who regularly meet up during TT, there are members who joined this drive without even met any of other members! But the spirit of AOC prevail and those who are able to make it come forward to make this event a success. Also, many bring along their family members to join in the fun.

All togther, a total 17 Toyota Alphard turn up on a sunny Saturday for the convoy. Member from as far as Penang and Johor Bahru joined the convoy as well.
All members gathered at the petrol station after the Gombak Toll as early as 9:00am for breakfast and then the briefing for the convoy.
Toyota Alphard at Gombak Toll Courtesy of Bro Tamkm54

Once all the cars has been assigned the convoy number, the convoy was led off by our organizer bro Bigphil.

The convoy depart the petrol station onto the Karak Highway heading toward the Bentong exit. Being a weekend, there was not any heavy vehicle traffic so the drive was very smooth. The group stop by at the Petronas station just before the Karak toll to pickup two members who over shoot the rendezvous point!

Toyota Alphard Convoy to Bentong Toyota Alphard Convoy Waiting at Petronas Station
The group departed the highway and turn into Bentong town where we got into a bit of local traffic as we negotiate our way to drop by at one of Bentong famous ais kacang shop. It was nice to find that there is just enough parking space to cater for all 17 giants. Apparently we are not the only tourists to this shop as we there are already many others customers there enjoying the shop specialty which is the ais kacang or their own brand of ice cream.

After the group has quence their thirst, we have out first group photo.

Courtesy of Bro Tamkm54

The next item in the itenerary is the main event - Durian Feast. The group depart for Raub to one of the durian farm to feast on the King of Fruit. The route to Raub is a stretch of winding trunk roads that cut across many tiny towns. Contrary to popular belief, the trunk road is actually well paved and wide enough to accommodate the giant. I am sure many in the convoy must have enjoy driving on such roads compare to the monotonous constant speed cruising on our highway.

However the slip road to the durian farm is quite a challenge tough as it is narrow and can barely allow two cars to pass each other. After a 10 minutes of manevouring over pot holes ridden road, we finally arrived at the durian farm.

After short walk from the cars into the farm, the durians and other local fruits are already waiting for us.

Above photo courtes of bro Tamkm54

Everyone take turn to try the various variety of durians such as D2, D101, D24, Gua Musang, Bamboo legs etc.

After the durian feast, the convoy now heads to the Camang waterfall. The journey take the group back toward Bentong town and head towards Camang. Again the road leading to the Camang waterfall is narrow and winding. By the time we arrived at the waterfall the car park is already full. Apparently this waterfall is a favourite weekend hideout for many local. We have to drive out and park at the other car park at a higher ground.

The children had a great time playing in the shallow section of the stream below the waterfall.

Around 5:30pm, the group reconvene at the car park again and took one more group photo before our return journey.
Toyota Alphard at Camang Waterfall Courtesy of Bro Tamkm54

We bid goodbye to each other and then the convoy make our way back to Kuala Lumpur and all giants return home safely.

For more information on AOC and it activities, logon to http://www.alphardasiaclub.com/


  1. nice write up..indeed ;) keep up bro!-Jihanas

  2. Thanx bro Jihanas. Let hope we have more of this kind of convoy in future.