Thursday, August 20, 2009

Toyota Alphard AX/MX model

The Toyota Alphard AX/MX edition is the most basic trim available. It comes with minimum features fitted and has beige-colour interior and beige-colour cloth seats. It is only available in 8-seaters trim only. It has orange-wood panel centre console.

Shown below is the interior of a PFL AX/MX model.

Toyota Alphard PFL AX/MX Interior The NFL AX/MX interior is shown below

Toyota Alphard NFL AX/MX Interior The main difference between the PFL and NFL interior are that the wood panel colour in the central console is lighter on the NFL, and the NFL comes with a large HU with DVD/HD/LCD display while the PFL model has a standard CD player fitted.

The AX-L and MX-L is considered the Luxury edition. They are available in either 7 or 8-seaters arrangement. The 7-seaters arrangement is also specifically fitted to cater for those owner who need a side lift seat (or what is called a wellcab).

The AX-L and MX-L have all the following features:

  • CD Player - PFL only
  • Head Unit with DVD, MD, MP3, Bluetooth and 30GB Harddisk (HDD) - NFL only
  • Roof mounted LCD - NFL only
  • smart door lock system
  • sonar sensor
  • Front and rear camera
  • Orange-wood panel centre console
  • Beige interior colour
  • Beige colour Seats
  • 16-inch wheels
  • No body kit
  • armrest and back pocket on middle seats of 7-seaters
  • Tray table on the back of the middle row of 8-seaters
  • Left Power Sliding door (standard)

If the AX/MX has any of the above options fitted, then it is an option that the original owner has chosen when he/she purchased the car in Japan.

In the next post, I will cover the AS/MS model.


  1. Hi Nighto...

    I was told by one of the Sales Advisor that to upgrade PFL to NFL may takes around RM 10k-15K,but comparatively between the 2 model,not much can be seen.Is the amount for real or only a myth by the SA.Your advise on this is highly appreciated bro.Tq.

  2. Hi rodin,

    The different between the PFL and NFL is on the exterior and the interior. You can change the exterior of the PFL to NFL and that's the cost the SA was referring to. Actual cost really depends which workshop you go to and the cost incurred cover the change of the front side panels, front grille, front light clusters, rear light clusters. The interior of the PFL cannot be change to NFL. Specifically the NFL has a larger head unit that cannot be retrofitted into the PFL model.

    If you want like to have the features of the NFL then by all means go for a NFL model. Otherwise you are only spending money to change the exterior while the interior remain the same. Anyway can see from the interior to know if it is a PFL or NFL.

    In terms of engine performance, there is no much between the two, except if you are going for the 3.0L model which now comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission unit.


  3. Hi....

    another big tnxs 2 mr.nighto.