Thursday, August 20, 2009

Toyota Alphard AS/MS Model

The AS/MS is the sporty version of the 1st Gen Toyota Alphard. It is differentiated from the AX-L/MX-L in the exterior as well as the colour of the interior. The AS/MS model comes in 7-seaters arrangement only. The exterior difference was covered in this post previously.

The AS/MS have all the following features:

  • Head Unit with CD/MD - PFL only
  • Head Unit with DVD, MD, MP3, Bluetooth and 30GB Harddisk (HDD) - NFL only
  • Smart door lock system
  • Front and rear camera
  • Black-wood panel centre console
  • Black interior colour
  • Black colour seats
  • 17-inch wheels
  • Aero bumpers and side skirt
  • Larger diameter tail pipe
  • armrest and back pocket on middle seats of 7-seaters
  • Round-shape front fog lamp

The AS/MS also comes in Alcantara package where the seats are fitted with Alcantara cloth. Shown below is the interior of a PFL AS/MS model.

Toyota Alphard PFL AS/MS Interior The interior of a NFL AS/MS model is shown belowLiToyota Alphard NFL AS/MS Interior

The NFL model comes with a larger HU with LD display.

Since the AS/MS has a sporty exterior, a lot of buyers would like to go for this model but unfortunately the supply of these models are quite low. Hence once a unit is available in any of the dealer it will get taken very fast by those eager buyers.

In the next post, I will cover the MZ/MZG model.


  1. Thanks bro, as last i've identified my model ..... exectly as mentioned above!

  2. Nice to know that the information help.

    Enjoy your ride.

  3. Morning Chan,

    Does AS model came with twin or single power door?


  4. morning Chan,

    Seem like AS model is just want im looking for for alphard, so what is the market price for original NFL AS 05 nowdays?


  5. Hi Jariya,

    Yes, many other also would like to has the As model because it is sportier. Also many like the ideas that the interior of the AS (or MS) is black in colour which is easier to maintain.

    The price of '05 NFL AS would be around RM190K to RM200K depending on the dealer. The high spec AS would normally comes with theatre sound system and sunroof/moonroof, an in rare occasion a power boot too.


  6. Hi Jariya,

    Almost all the AS I have come across has twin-power doors.


  7. Chan,
    Where have u been? it quite a while after ur last post on July?
    Looking 4ward reading new article from u,

    Is everything ok?


  8. Hi rainbowsix,

    I have been away down south and away from my giant. I plan to write some posts but without my giant around I can't seems to find a topic to write about.

    I will finish my assignment here soon and I plan to post more often.

    Thanks for the concerns.