Sunday, September 6, 2009

The New AOC Website

I was rather busy lately putting some finishing touch to the AOC website. This is my first experiment with this type of work so I was spending quite a lot of time researching on this subject and have not put up any new post on the giant. I have finally put together a simple website as I learn along the way.

The new website is now live at I will continue to enhance on this website as I find time to do that. A group of AOC members plan to register AOC as a club and this website will serve as the base for this club. Let see how this will planned out.

I also have spent quite a bit of time researching on setting up a new forum for Alphard Owners Club. I have done all the ground work and have open it to a small group of Alphard Owners. So far I think we have work out all the logistic for the new forum and now we are really to open it to the rest.

If you are viewing our new AOC website, you'll see a link at the top that bring you to our new forum or you can reach us directly at

This is for registered member only so when you get to that forum home page, you'll have to register yourself and wait for the approval email from the Administrator before you activate your registration.

Hope you'll have a fun time in this new forum.


Updates: After almost one year and 3 months, there is still no sign that the official Alphard Owner Club of Malaysia will be up and running. Therefore, the AOC website will have no updates until such time when the AOC is officially formed.


  1. Hi,

    I just realized i went to the old alphard asia forum which already assumed to be inacative. I have submitted my registration again in the new forum. Sorry for my ignorance.


  2. Hi dern,

    The old forum is undergoing some ownership transfer (finally). I suppose it will eventually be resurrected. In the meantime, enjoy your stay in the new forum.