Friday, September 11, 2009

More On Toyota Alphard 1st Gen Model Code

As I was looking for the Toyota Alphard MZG model code I saw there is prefix and suffix that I was not familiar with. So I search the web again and found that it does provide some identification information to a particular model.

For example, the model code ANH10W-PRPGK from this table shows that it is a 2.4L AX 8-seaters model. However if you look at the model code in the faceplate of the car, it is probably listed as CBA-ANH10W-PRPGK-V. This model code tells you that it is a pre-facelift 2.4L AX 8-seaters Alphard V model. If you come across the model code as DBA-ANH10W-PFPGK, without the suffix, then you know that it is a new-facelift 2.4L AX 8-seaters Alphard G model. The CBA prefix is the code for pre-facelift while the DBA prefix is the code for new-facelift for the 2.4L model.

Similarly when you see a model code of TA-MNH10W-PRPGK-V, this is code for a pre-facelift 3.0L MX 8-seaters Alphard V model. You would imagine that there should be a different prefix for the new-facelift model. Right? Unfortunately, the same TA prefix is used for 3.0L model from 2002 to 05/2007 as well! What? You might be asking why is such an inconsistency for the 3.0L model? Well I don't have an answer for that.

And then, in 06/2007 onward, the prefix for the 3.0L model suddenly changes to CBA again. So a CBA-MNH10W-PRAGK is a 3.0L MX 8-seaters Alphard G model. Note that for the MX, the model code is now changed to PRAGK while those from 04/2005 are FRAGK and PFPGK for those from 05/2002-03/2005.

As for the suffix, those Alphard G models with the side lift seat will end with “-W” instead of “-L”. I even found that the Alphard G MX/AX L-Edition has the suffix of "-S" for cars from 06/2007 onward while the Alphard V MX/AX L-Edition has the suffix of "-X". Now I know why my model code ended with an "-X".

Now the other interesting part is that the model code for the 3.0L MS 7-seaters Alphard G is FFPSK from 02/2002 - 03/2005 while the rest remain PFPSK. Again I am as confused as you why Toyota would want to make such a small change.

Luckily these inconsistencies only apply to the MX and MS model. Imagine how many codes one has to refer to if every other model also has different codes from one year to another. Phew.

For now I guess the best way for you to make references to these model codes is to print out all the old brochures from the Toyota website that I listed in this post. I wish I can show a long table with all these codes but it will take a long time for me to compile that. Watch this space.

Update: I have uploaded the table here. Click the link to download it.

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