Sunday, September 6, 2009

Model Code for Toyota Alphard MZG

When I was researching for the model code of 1st gen Toyota Alphard, I didn't see the actual model code for MZG. What is listed in that table only shows that MZG is just another variant of MZ.

During today TT with a group of AOC members, I saw the model code of two different MZG and that bring back my continue research on this subject. The reason to continue with this is due to the fact that even though both are MZG models, one car has more features and fittings that another. Because of that, I started going back to the Net and found the following.

The Alphard G MZG carry the following model codes:

MNH10-PFKAQ-G for 2WD model
MNH15-PFKAQ-G for 4WD model

The Alphard V MZG carry the following model codes:

MNH10-PFKAQ-R for 2WD model
MNH15-PFKAQ-R for 4WD model

It is also interesting to note that Alphard G MZG supplied by Toyopet seems to have fuller specification that those Alphard V MZG supplied by Netz. The Alphard V MZG that I saw today was missing the front camera and 5.1 theatre sound system which I read is supposed to be a standard feature in an MZG. At least in today research I found it it not the case. There seems to be so much more to learn about the specifications of these giants from Toyota!

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