Monday, September 14, 2009

Model Code for Pre-Facelift Toyota Alphard MZG

I have previously writes about the model code for new-facelift Toyota Alphard MZG. During my visit to two dealers this week while helping a reader of mine to search for his MZG, I also found the model code for pre-facelift MZG.

The Alphard G MZG carries the following model codes:

MNH10-PFPQK-G for 2WD model
MNH15-PFPQK-G for 4WD model

The Alphard V MZG carries the following model codes:

MNH10-PFPQK-P for 2WD model
MNH15-PFPQK-P for 4WD model

I think with these information I am ready to compile a list of all the model codes for 1st Gen Toyota Alphard as I mentioned in my previous post.

Watch this space for the table pretty soon.

Update: I have uploaded the table here. Click the link to download it.


  1. i there any alphard car where the steering wheel is on left side

  2. Toyota Alphard is designated as a Japan Domestic Model (JDM). Therefore it is on available in right hand drive model. Since we live in a country where we drive on the "wrong" side of the road as the West like the say it, we can import these into our country.

    Sorry. Toyota never release any left hand drive model for Toyota Alphard.