Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Break In Incident!

I was walking back from my car to the lift when I bumped into my neighbor. He was telling me that there was another attempt to steal another Toyota Alphard belongs to another resident in my condo. I then checked with the guard on duty and he was relating to me that someone has attempted to steal that giant around 5am in the morning. The thief broke the small triangle glass next to the side mirror with the intent to open the door and probably wanted to steal the car just like in my case.

However the sounds of breaking of the glass must have alerted the guard on duty and the thief ran away in a getaway car. The guard then uses his walkie-talkie to alert the guards at the condo entrance to try to block the getaway car. But then the thief is so desperate to escape that he broke the barrier and drove off the compound.

I was hoping to catch up with the owner of that Toyota Alphard to share my experience on my break-in attempt. However he had sent his giant to repair the triangle glass so we didn’t have a chance to meet up to discuss the incident.

It looks like the guard is doing his duty this time but still it puzzled me how the thief manage to drive the car into the compound. One theory now is that the thief actually knows someone in the compound and uses the excuse of visiting to come in. He will be staying with his “friend” and then make his move in the morning.

I noticed this giant is seldom used so the thief must have been eyeing it for quite some time. Since the owner of that giant has made a police report, I really hope the police will do thier work to catch the thief this time. The guard did mention that their camera has managed to capture the face of the thief when he drove pass the barrier. I hope the police will be able to track down the thief and put him behind bar.

So far two giants already been targeted by this thief in his attempt to steal. If the thief is still at large I really don’t know if he will target the other two giants in our compound. Let hopes this will never happen again.

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