Friday, January 29, 2010

You Can't Open the Power Door When You Are Fueling

I had an email from a reader saying that he has a problem with the left side power door when he was fueling the car at the petrol station.

Well this is a protection mechanism built into the power door to ensure that the power door doesn't hit the petrol tank inlet cover. When the left hand side power door is fully opened, it cover the entire petrol tank inlet cover. If the power door is allowed to operate when the cover is opened it will hit it which is something we don't want.

Therefore when the petrol tank cover is opened you cannot operate the left hand side power door either with the power door button on the dashboard or the power door button on the remote control unit. If you try to open the left hand side power door manually it will open but you need a bit of force to do that. As you start to slide it toward the rear of the car it will stop half way without hitting the petrol tank cover (smart). This is the fail-safe mechanism built into the power sliding door..

The right hand side power door is not affected when the petrol tank cover is opened.

There was another question on whether the buzzer sound of the power door opening and closing can be eliminated. Well I have been trying to find an answer to this and so far can't figure out whether this can be done. I highly doubt it but until I get an official answer I'll keep this in mind. Some people suggested to disconenct the speaker that emit the sound but I think that just counter-intuitive.


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