Thursday, January 14, 2010

How To Find The Information You Need?

Lately as I read and responded to private emails from my reader, I realized that some of my readers are having a bit of difficulty in finding the right information to help them with their ownership of their giant (Toyota Alphard).

As the number of blog posts increases, some of the useful posts is no longer easy to find from the index page. As in any blogging platform the latest posts will go on the first page while the older posts will not be visible unless you go through the pages or search the archive.

The archive in the platform is display by month and only the recent month entries are expanded by default in the index page. Therefore going through the archive to find the information you need is tedious and time consuming. This is one of the drawback of a blogspot blog compared to a hosted WordPress blog. I can't complain much since is FREE.

I have recently included category into the my index page but then the category doesn't give you the context of the posts it linked to. Clicking any of the category link will bring you to all posts categoried under it. You still have to go through each pages to read through the content to find the information you need.

Therefore I decided to create an index page for all the posts that are relevant to help my reader with their ownership experience. This index page is like an FAQ related to our giant.

Please note that the FAQ apply mostly to the NFL model which I own.

You can find the index page here.

Hope this help


  1. Hey, i must say this is a informative site that provides every single little bits about this giant. Thank you for your effort and now i am even a happier alphard owner :)

  2. Thank you for viewing my blog.

    Let hope it will help more potential and current giant owner with their ownership experience.


  3. hi bro nighto,
    it is me, zahzin again.
    first, i just want to confirm..are you bro vista? i am not sure, that's why i am asking.
    secondly, can i hv your email address bcoz i need your guidelines and opinion on the alphard that i booked recently. my emel is
    thank you for your kindest helps.

  4. HI bro Zahzin,

    I will send my email to you mailbox.

    Hope I can help with your queries.


  5. hi bro nighto,
    how do i contact u tru email,need advce.TQ

  6. Hi bor drazlin,

    You can contact me at


  7. VERY COOL FORUM ! best i ever read for the Alphard . SO many versions , so many specs , so confusing . so many people saying different things .

    Good Job Mr. Chan

    Ken Tan
    From Jakarta .