Thursday, November 22, 2012

Short Update On This Blog

I haven't been blogging here for quite a while as I have moved on with my life as a car blogger!
Actually the main reason is because I have sold my giant for almost 17 months now.
Yes, I have to part with my beloved giant because I needed a vehicle that I can use daily for my new job. I tried with the giant for few months on the road and it was tough to find parking every where I go. After careful consideration of my needs I decided to sell of my giant and bought a b-segment car to cater for my needs.

It was quite an emotional decision as I love my giant. I thought of keeping it and just buy another car but the place when I stay has limited parking facilities so it was really not convenient to keep the giant. I sold it to a guy who came all the way from Johor Bahru to view the car and then fly in the next week to take the car away. He is so serious about getting my giant because he know he found a good deal.

I started the blog because I own an Alphard so I can blog about anything related to my Alphard. After I sold my giant, I was travelling in the region regularly as part of my job requirements which mean I seldom have the time to sit down to write something about Alphard. Also without the giant, it was hard to find a topic to write about hence the lack of postings.

Another reason why I didn't come back to the blog was that the email account tied to this blog was spammed. So much so that the email provider actually blocked my email account. As I start to travel more often, I didn't really have time to look at that email account until now.

Yesterday I reactivated my email account again and to my surprised, I noticed that there are many readers who have left behind comments in my blog that need my attention. Of course having been spammed, my email account also has ton of rubbish (in the tune of > 10,000 mails) that I have to spent considerable time clearing time. After two days of clearing my mailbox, I finally left with the emails that are related the blog comments. I have spent the last three hours replying to each and every comments dated back to July 2011. I know some of the replies might be a bit too late but at least I have done my part to respond to them.

I also want to apologize to readers who have sent my private email and didn't get a reply from me because I wasn't reading this mailbox. For those who asked for help to purchase your giant, I hope you have found your preferred giant and you are enjoying your ride now. For those who asked me technical question, I hope you have found a solution to your problem or queries.

Now that my mailbox is back to normal, I will continue to reply to your queries or comments as much I have the time to do so.

As I don't own a giant anymore, I am not sure if I will be posting more technical or general information about this vehicle. Also this blog focuses mainly on 1st generation Alphard only. It would be nice to have some information on 2nd generation Alphard but not owning one, I can't do much. If anyone would like to contribute guest posts on second generation Alphard/Vellfire, plese feel free to contact me. If anyone has interesting discovery about their giant or modification that is useful to share with other owners, please send me your posts.

For now, this blog will remain as it is until I fould something interesting to write about.



  1. Hi Chan,

    i stumbled upon your blog while doing google search on Alphard and Vellfire recently

    looks like it was just at the right time since you also just reactivated your post here :)

    Am looking for an 8 seater Alphard/Vellfire and would like a recommendation on a good salesman or dealer

    kindly contact me at 0129848222

    1. Hi Lukman,

      Thanks for dropping by. I have send you the info on one dealer that I am familiar with.

      Hope you able to find your giant soon.


  2. guys.. join alphard owner club forum to get more info.. im sure somebody also will try to assist you.. you also will find some old post belong to bro nighto the owner of this blog n one of founder of the club.. bro nighto.. have a look at our new facelift website.. login i think no change at all.. wm.

  3. Hi Chan,
    My name is Azhar from Rawang,just use 2nd Aphard G 3.0.Having problem aircord at rear seat driver side, water drip from roof.Any experience.Thanks in advance.

  4. bros.. we are all in at forum also founded n started by our otai nighto chan.. feel free to register into the forum and ask experts or other otais to guide you find yours.. and we also have official club registered with ros.. come n join us..

  5. Hi Azhar, the water leaking at the rear seat might not be due to the aircond. It could be due to the courtesy glass not fitted properly by the dealer. Just my guess.