Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Fuel Consumption After Service and Battery Change

As I was preparing to return to my home base after my six months assignment, I decided to drive my giant to the kiasu land so that I can bring back all my stuffs in one go. Since I have left the giant at home while I was away, I decided to send it for service before my journey.

The last service was done around March this year so it is high time to service again. I bought my own engine oil (Penzoil 5W-30 semi-synthetic) and oil filter (friom Wing Hin) and did the service at my regular workshop. All in it cost me RM112 only.

Also I decided to change the battery as I think it is getting weak due to the fact that it has not been recharged regularly as the car has not been driven that often.

The original battery came with the car probably has been used since it left the factory. I think the battery can still last quite a bit. However, since I am going on a long journey and driving in kiasu land I think it is safer to have a new battery and for the peace of mind.

I was pleasantly surprised with the mileage that I got from these two changes for this journey. I drove down to kiasu land, drove around the city for 3 days and then head back to KL. I was able to get 585km with a full tank of RON 95 petrol. That’s gave me approximately fuel consumption of 11km/litre. It seems the new engine oil and the new battery help to achieve such good fuel consumption.

I did another full tank refill at Pagoh, drove back to KL and then drove around the city and managed to clocked 530km. This is equivalent to approximately 9.0km/litre. I expect it to be lower due to the congested route I had to go through to my new office in PJ. I hope that I can continue to maintain this kind of fuel consumption and I will continue to monitor it regularly.

If your giant fuel consumption is deteriorating recently maybe it is time for you to look at these two items.


  1. Hi,
    My name is Ismawan from Jakarta, I recently change the front shocks on my 3.0L 2wd Alphard. I buy the original shocks that have electonic adjustment. After the change the ride so bumpy. do i have to do reset on the computer? or how to check if the swiitch in the dashboard work? All repair shop closed until sep 5. Thanks.

    Regards Ismawan

    1. Hi Ismawen,

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      You have installed the adjustable shocks and you are finding it bumpy. I am not sure if the workshop who install the adjustable shock has connected the wires that control the adjustable function on the dashboard. If not then the switch on the dashboard might not work. Please send it back to the workshop to get them to look into this.

  2. Hi, I m William. Can I know what is your car Spec? 2.4 or 3.0? can it still maintain the same FC?

  3. Hi William,

    Mine is 2.4. I don't keep track of FC on a 2.4L car so I can't help you on this.

    Fill up a full tank, record the mileage. Run it until it is about 1/8 left. Fill up the next full tank to check how much petrol has been used and then calculate the FC.