Monday, May 31, 2010

Leaving the Giant Behind… Temporary

I took up a new position with a company recently and have been rather busy with my new work. Since this company is headquartered in Singapore I am fortunately (or reluctantly) posted to Singapore for 6 months. This gave me the opportunity to learn more about their products and services with the aim to bring the solution to the Malaysian marketplace.

I always has the impression any Singapore company is well-prepared and efficiency in all aspects of their organization, including onboarding a new employee. However I have to change my perception as due to some unknown reason they were not able to provide me with a notebook so I was practically without Internet access for the last 3 weeks. I did tried one of those Internet café over here for an hour only because I needed to go online to look for a place to stay. Another reason I had to change my view is because after visiting a customer here I was kind of amazed that they are not that advanced after all as I imagine. I will write about this in future.

I did go back to Kuala Lumpur twice during that three weeks but I was just too busy running around for errands so I didn’t really have the times to update the blog. Today I finally got my laptop and I also borrowed a broadband dongle from my colleague and able to get online to this neglected blog.

It didn’t occur to me that I would be without Internet access for more than 3 weeks. In this day of Internet age and in nation like Singapore where broadband is much advanced it is hard to imagine that anyone cannot get access to the Internet. However due to my work schedule (too late to visit an Internet café) and also without the proper tool (a laptop) I was completely cut off from the Internet for such a long time.

I am glad there are still visitors to my blog during my absent and some have left comments for me. I have approved all the comments and hopefully I have answered all the questions posted.

For the last 3 weeks I have been taking public transportation to work. I really admire how efficient is the public transportation in this island. You can get to most destinations by bus or via MRT. Also I find that I don’t need to wait long for the next bus or MRT because they are so frequent and on time. In fact there is a bus every 4 minutes that passed by where I stay! Since the last time I was here, they now added the Circle MRT Line on top of the North-South Line, East-West Line and North-East Line so you can take MRT to more destinations now.

Occasionally I do take the LRT and monorail back in Kuala Lumpur and I must say that they are just not as convenient compare to taking the buses and MRT in the island because they are so accessible. Many destinations in Kuala Lumpur are just not easily accessible by bus or LRT that I go there with the giant (Toyota Alphard) instead.

So when I was back to Kuala Lumpur last week, it felt a little odd to drive the giant to get to a location that doesn’t even have a bus plying that road. I do think that I am rather pampered with the giant as it become a habit for us who own a car to drive out most of the time than to think of taking a public transport. I have not have so much walking since I last did a climb to Gunung Tahan 20 years ago. It just goes to show that we are so used to driving that we sometime forgot that there are other means to get to a destination!

Now that I am away the giant is now temporary left behind in Kuala Lumpur. I will try to go back home every fortnightly to see my family and to take the giant out for a spin.

I will try to update this blog with some posts more often whenever I have the spare time here.


  1. bro nighto, congrats on u new endeavour in Singaland..4 a while was kind of puzzled wit ur blog so quiet..look forward to more news on giant fm you soon...good luck n all d best

  2. bro afo, thanks for the visit.

    I was really busy since I started work in the island and since I was almost completely cut off from Internet I didn't have time to post here.

    It is a quite a change in lifestyle for me staying here so there are quite a few interesting tidbits to write about. Hopefully I can find more time to post in the coming weeks.

    I heard you are doing a good job in moderating AOC.

    Will try to catch up with you when I am back in KL next time and see how much mod you have done to your beloved giant!