Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chong Wei Dynasty - Will This Brand Benefit the Toyota Alphard Owners?

If you have been flipping through the Motor Trader magazine or other local motorsport magazine lately, you might have noticed recently there are quite a few advertisements on this new brand called Chong Wei Dynasty.

I went to Dynasty yesterday to rectify some problem and saw the above poster in the shop. While waiting for my car to be fixed, I sat down and chat with the shop keeper to find out more about this brand.

Chong Wei Dynasty is the brand child of Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Danny, the owner of Dynasty Auto Parts Sdn Bhd. Beginning of this year, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei joined force with Dynasty to offer their own brand of accessories (initially) for Toyota MPVs and it will be sold through Dynasty outlets, currently in Sunway only. However there are already plan to have few more outlets coming up by this year, notably one will be set up in Cheras while another will be launched in Penang very soon.

Chong Wei Dynasty currently offers tinting and bodykits for Toyota Alphard and Toyota Estima owners. It will also offer accessories such as front/rear camera, original head unit, home theatre system, front and rear light clusters, side mirror and etc.

In the pipeline is a customized headrest similar to those found in the 2nd generation Alphard but it will comes with a monitor to cater for both Toyota Alphard and Toyota Estima.

Dato’ Lee Chong Wei used to own a 1st generation Toyota Alphard. He was a regular customer of Dynasty for several years and recently he has upgraded to a Vellfire. He also has other cars but his passion with Alphard has given him a strong desire to be involved in the auto accessories industry hence the idea of joining force with Dynasty to launch the Chong Wei Dynasty (CWD) brand.

To cater for the needs of more Toyota MPV owner, CWD will be offering a 0% interest payment plan with selected bank for the purchase of CWD products. This will probably make it more affordable and attract a lot more potential buyers from Toyota MPV owners.

I am just another customer of Dynasty and I have no affiliation with either Dynasty Auto Parts Sdn Bhd or Chong Wei Dynasty.

I consider Dynasty as a more capable accessories shop then many other as they have the right tools and trained personnel to work on my giant. I have been with them for a year now and they have cater to my needs.

In my chat with the shop keeper I discovered that it is unfortunate but a risk of doing business dealing with Toyota parts! The unfortunate part is that Toyota Japan has such a high regards to the quality of their parts that they only offer 3 days warranty to their buyers. Buyer like Dynasty have to order the parts, imported it back to Malaysia and by the time the parts arrived, it is already more than 45 days. So for every part that Dynasty offers, they carry the risk of void warranty! It is understandable now why Dynasty pricing is slightly higher as they carry the risk of void warranty while their pricing includes warranty support.

With that in mind, it is clear that with the launching of CWD brand and some parts being sourced locally, this will reduce the overall price hence benefitting the local Toyota MPV owners.


  1. how much is the head unit for estima 2005, made in where,what brand, will it really fit the d/board like the ori

  2. Hi enal,

    I am not associated with this brand so I don't have any pricing information for you. The best bet is to call them directly. Check out their website at