Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toyota Alphard AS Prime Selection

I have read about the Toyota Alphard 2.4L AS Prime Selection in many places but have never really seen once until today. My SA called me today he has one unit just arrived and I quickly grab my camera and drop by this place to take a few photo shots. In this article I will share with you what I have found in a Prime Selection.

It is a 2006 Pearl White 2.4L AS Prime Selection (Prime Selection is the trim for AS-G Alphard G while Premium Selection is the trim for AS-G Alphard V).

Toyota Alphard Toolbox Cover
As usual I will check the toolbox cover and confirmed that this is a '06 model (July 2006).
Toyota Alphard Side Panel

This car carry the standard model code for AS which is PRPSK and I think the suffix K is for the Prime Selection.

Toyota Alphard 2AZ-FE Engine
The engine is the standard 2AZ-FE 2.4L model and surprisingly the engine compartment is very clean even though the exterior is pretty dirty as it has not been washed yet.

Toyota Alphard Front View

Toyota Alphard Rear View
From the front or the rear you can't tell the diffrenent between the normal AS and AS Prime Selection. Most of the differences are in the interior.

This AS Prime Selection comes with the following features:
Toyota Alphard Steering Wheel

Toyota Alphard Left Dashboard

The panels on the dashboard and the doors are orange wood colour. Normal AS have black wood panel.

Toyota Alphard Alcantara Label
The seats are Alcantara Suede Leather. Actually they are semi-leather where the middle section of each seat are make of Alcantara materials while the side are make of Suede leather.

Toyota Alphard Front Seats

Toyota Alphard Rear Seats
The AS Prime Selection comes with beige colour seats compared to the black colour seats on normal AS.

Other interior features are pretty standard as those in the normal AS.

Toyota Alphard Right Side Button
It comes with twin power doors and AFS projector lights.
Toyota Alphard Left Side Button

It has a lane monitoring system and a power boot too. However it doesn't come with adjustable suspension.

Toyota Alphard Optiron Meter

It has a standard Optiron meter and the mileage on this car is still pretty low.

Toyota Alphard Original Head Unit
The head unit is original but without theatre sound system. It also doesn't come with a roof-mounted LCD.

It has a multi-function steering and come standard with 3 cameras - front, rear and passenger side mirror.
Toyota Alphard Side Camera

This is the view of the 3rd camera from under the passenger side mirror. This feature is only available in the late 2006 and 2007 model.

Toyota Alphard Bicycle Rack

Another nice feature that comes with this car is the bicycle rack fitted at the rear of the car. It looks like a factory fitted feature.

Toyota Alphard 17-inch Rims
Toyota Alphard Tires

On the exterior, it carry the stock factory 17-inch rims but the tires are rather worn. This doesn't reflect the mileage on the car but I guess we can't really tell if this is the original tires that come with this car.

Toyota Alphard Door Handle
It also comes with keyless entry feature for the driver door only.  I also learned how to use the keyless entry method from my SA. it is interesting to know that little black button on the door handle is not for opening the door. In fact it is designed to lock the door. It is very difficult to describe in words how to open the door using the keyless entry method. Anyway this is the same system used in the 2nd generation Alphard/Vellfire so those owners would know how.

Toyota Alphard Owner Manual Bag

Toyota Alphard Owner Manuals

Not sure if this is specific to the Prime Selection but the owner manual booklet bag is also make of Alcantara-like materials which look very classy.

As I explore further I even found a Pre-Delivery Inspection Sheet for this car before it left Japan.

Toyota Alphard Pre-Delivery Checklist

The date on the delivery checklist is Nov 2009 which is very recent and there is no major areas that needs attention of the new owner.

The asking price for this unit is RM215k before negotiation. My SA said this will be come with a local AP.

I think this is a rare model and anyone who buy it will have a one of a kind model around. Not sure who will be the lucky owner of this car.


  1. hi,

    can u recommend me a good shop to install alarm system on my giant?

  2. Hi,

    I install mine at Dynasty in Sunway. Any shop that sell IES GSM alarm should be able to do it for you as well.

    Let me know if you need help to contact Dynasty.


  3. Bro,
    Jack here
    Thanks for the post.
    may I know wheres is your SA showroom,
    I'll back to KL this weekend purposely for riki Alphard.

  4. Hi Jack,

    I have replied to your email.


  5. Bro Nighto, the rack you mentioned is for holding golf bag, not for bicycle. - Phardman

  6. Bro would like to add some more:
    My alphard have a letter "T" at the end i.e ...PRPSK-T. Finally manage to find it meaning in several Japenese web sites and also other suffixes for AS. For mine, it stand for AS "Premium Alcantara" for Alphard G. For Alphard V should be ...PRPSK-B. For the AS "Prime Selection" in the article above the suffix is -K for Alphard G and -H for Alphard V. Would like to correct you, for both Alphard G and Alphard V, they are called "Prime Selection". They are also other spec. called AS "Premium", and the suffix are -P for Alphard G and -A for Alphard V and finally there is AS "Platinum Selection" and the suffix is ....PRPSK-V-F, for Alphard V and could not find info. yet for Alphard G. Also if normal/standard AS model, for Alphard G there were no suffix and -V for Alphard V.

    For your alphard, believe it is -X, This is for L spec. i.e. AX-L or MX-L Alphard V. For Alphard G will be -S

    Hope this help in your quest.-Phardman

  7. Thanks bro Phardman,

    I have not seen this item before and that's what the SA told me.

    I have put my golfbag in my previous boss Alphard before and it reall doesn't seems to need a rack. With a bit of adjustment to the 3rd row seats, the golfbags will stand very well at the back.

    Well I guess I don't need such a rack anyway since I always lay my golf bag down.


  8. Hi Phardman,

    Thanks for the additional info.

    Actually there are more codes that what you listed above.

    That's remind me that I have been quitely compiling the list of model codes as I promised in my post. I was left with one code that I couldn't ascertained so I have been postponing on posting the tables.

    Now that you mentioned it I might as well post it up here.

    You can get it at http:/


  9. We wish to buy an alphard 2.4L. One of the sales agent have told us that the 2.4 alphard (before 2008) is hugely underpowered that if you drive the car at full capacity, the pick up on the alphard is as bad as kancil. This also reason to why car dealers brings in more of the 3.0L alphard. Is that true?

  10. Hi Norida,

    I think Toyota has actually done the market research that they decide to provide the 2.4L model in the Alphard range.

    As a saleman, they want more commissions and since the 3.0L cost more so obviously they want you to buy the larger capacity model.

    I have taken 10 persons in my car before and I think I can still outrun a kancil.

    So buy what you need and not what the sales man say.


  11. Hi to all alphard lover, I got offer from dealer alphard 2.4L AS 7 seater alcantara yr 2006. Spec includes 2 pd, AFS light, reverse cam but no sunroof. The offer price 190k. What do you think,it is worth buying?

  12. Hi,

    The offer price looks very good for year 2006 AS. Check the year of manufacture to confirm the year. Good luck in your search for your Alphard.

  13. Hello Chan,

    I am looking for my first MPV car. Dealer offer me Alphard same spec in your blog 2.4 AX-L, f/b camera, power boot, side camera, home theater, 2007. No sunroof and moonroof . Price at RM230k.Is this price ok ?

  14. Hi,

    I think RM230K for a 2007 2.4 AX-L is too high. A brief check on The Star Classifed shows that a 2007 2.4 AS is going for approximately RM210K so I would expect the 2007 2.4 AX-L should be around RM200K or even lower.

    If home theater sound system is not a criteria for you then I think there are other choices out there. Maybe you can refer to The Star Classified to check out the market price of 2.4 AX-L.


  15. Hi Chan,
    Just need your opinion.
    I plan to buy an unreg Alphard 2.4L 2005 for dealer.
    But they import the giant with use Sabah AP.
    Any problem with Sabah AP?


  16. Hi Kent,

    I think it is a tough question to answer. The good thing with Sabah AP is that you can get cheaper price for a unreg Alphard. However I also heard from other source that it is not easy to verify if that Sabah AP has been used before. Therefor if you plan to purchase a used unit with Sabah AP, try to get as much information as possible the authenticity of that AP. Not sure if you have a way to verify the AP with the authority.

    Hope this help.

  17. Thanks for your info , it really helps a lot .


  18. May i know what is the function of the (AFC OFF)button at the alphard?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, I have not come across AFC button. Are you referring to AFS button?