Friday, December 11, 2009

Location of Fuses in Toyota Alphard

In previous post, I mentioned that one of the ways to check for problem with power door is to look at the fuse. Where are all the fuses located in our giant?

There are several fuse boxes installed in a Toyota Alphard. The main fuse boxes are located in the engine compartment. The location of the fuse boxes in the engine compartment is slight different between the 2.4L and 3.0L model. On the 2.4L 2AZ-FE engine model, it is located on the right side of the engine compartment as shown in the photo below.
On the 3.0L 1MZ-FE model, it is located in the middle section on top of the engine.

There is another smaller fuse box below the larger one as shown in the photo below.
This is for the 2.4L model. The 3.0L model has the same smaller fuse box in front of the radiator.

There are two more fuse boxes located under the dashboard, one is on the driver side as shown in the photo below.

You will have to unhook the smaller coin box from the dashboard before you can have access to the fuse location which is located deep inside the dashboard.

The other is located behind the glovebox at the passenger side.

Again you will have to unhook the lower glovebook before you can access to the fuses located next to the aircon filter box.

Now that you have located each of the fuse boxes, you’ll need to identify each of the fuses within the fuse box to ascertain which one controls which component. The following tables show the fuel name, the ampere and the description of each fuse. The diagrams before each table list the location of the fuses within the fuse box.

Main fuse box (in engine compartment)

Fuse NameAmpereDescription
2H-LP (RH)15AHeadlamp high beam (RH)
3H-LP (LH)15AHeadlamp high beam (LH)
4H-LP (RL)15AHeadlamp (RH)
5H-LP (LL)15AHeadlamp (LH)
6RAD NO.325AAudio
7HAZ-HORN20AHazard Light, Indicator Lights, Horn
8EFI15AEngine Computer
9RAD NO.115AAudio
10ECU-B10AMeter, ABS, Power Window
11SPARE15ASpare fuse
12SPARE7.5ASpare fuse
13ETCS10AElectronic Toll Collection System

Secondary fuse box (in engine compartment)

Fuse NameAmpereDescription
3DOOR NO.130ADoor Lock

Fuse Box at driver side

Fuse NameAmpereDescription
1STOP15AIngition Light
2GAUGE10AEngine Computer, Power Slide Door, Clearing Sonar & Park Sonar
3CURTAIN- RH15AElectric Curtain - Right Hand Side
4CURTAIN LH& BK25AElectric Curtain - Left Hand Side and Rear
5MIR HTR10AMirror Heater
6CURTAIN5AElectric Curtain
8AC 100V15AAccessory Console Center
9P/W RH25APower Window
10ODB-II7.5ADignostic Connector

Fuse Box at Passenger Side
Fuse NameAmpereDescription
2DEF30ARear window defrost
3FOG15AFront Fog Light
4DOME27.5ARoom Lights
6P/SEAT30APower Seats (3.0L only)
7BACK DOOR30APower Boot
8AM17.5AEngine Switch
9RR FOG10ARear Fog Lamp
10P/W LH30APower Windows - LH
11DOOR30ADoor Lock
12DOME7.5ARoom Lights
13TAIL10ARear Tail lights
14PANEL10ASwitch illuminator, Aircon illuminator
15ECU-IG10AABS, Power Slide Door, Cruise Control
16RR WIP10ARear Wiper
17A/C10AAircon, Audio
18DEICER30AFront Wiper Deicer
20SEAT HTA10ASeat Heater
21INJ15AEngine Computer
22UGN10AEngine Computer, SRS Airbag
23MET IGN7.5AMeter
24ECU ACC10AShift lock, Door mirror, Audio
25CIG15ACigarette Lighter
26P/POINT15AAccessory socket

Please note that the above write up cover what I know on the fuse locations for the new facelift model of 1st generation Toyota Alphard. Other model may have different fuse locations.

PS. Phew. This is the longest time I ever took to write a post because the formatting I have do for the table HTML code outside of the blogging platform.

PPS. A reader was asking where exactly is the fuse box on the passenger side. I am away at the moment so I can only attached a schematic diagram as a reference. I will take a better picture of it location when I am back.


  1. hi..i can't locate the fuse box on the passenger side..I'll already open the glove box but i cannot see any fuse there..i only see relay.My alphard is 2002 model.Hope u can help.Thanks in advance

    1. Did you find it? I can find the 10 fuses behind the cash tray and the relays behind the glove box but no fuses there.

  2. Hi Sham,

    I am not sure of the 2002 model fuse location behind the glove box. Mine is the NFL model.

    If you have the original owner manual (Japanese version), can you check the manual for it location?


  3. Bro, my one is a 2004 model, can u post a closer view of the fuse box on your passenger side. I still can't find it.

  4. Bro pls show me the actual position of the fuse box at beside the aircon filter.

  5. Hi Chong,

    I have attached a schematic diagram in the post. Hope you can find it. I will update the post with a better picture when I am back to KL.

  6. hi..just bought my giant 2.4cc 2005. then while looking into the box below the HU, i found this one fuse...denso relay 90987-02022, 156700-2470,12V...can u plz tell me what this is for...

    thanks very much..

  7. Hi rainbowsix,

    It sounds like a relay that the previous owner replaced rather than a fuse. Here is a picture of the relay with that part number.


  8. What is VSC?
    The VSC light is "on" on my alphard's dashboard


  9. VSC stands for Vehicle Stability Control. It is a system that control various safety component like ABS, TRC, engine control etc, to prevent the vehicle from skidding when cornering on a slippery road surface or operating steering wheel abruptly.

    I don't have VSC on my giant so I can't tell you why it is on?

  10. The fuse box on the passenger side (on PFL) is underneath all the relay & connectors. U need a torchlight to see clearly. The space is really tight, and the fuses is smaller in size compared to the one in the engine bay.

  11. Fro PFL, the fuse is located underneath the relays, facing down. Behind all the cables. It's really tight down there. Better use torchlight to shine that area.