Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Giant - A Toyota Alphard

Now would be a good time to introduce my giant (a Toyota Alphard).

Mine is a 2.4litre 2005 NFL Alphard V model. It is a 8 seaters with 2 power doors, original head unit with front and rear camera, bluetooth function, roof mounted LCD, front and rear sonar sensors, and multi-function steering.

This is front view of my giant.
Toyota Alphard Front View A view from the rear
Toyota Alphard Rear View This is called an AX-L model, which doesn't has any body kit, standard 16-inch rims and the tail pipe is small and not visible from far.

I have choosen the pearl white colour unit because it brings out all the lines of this boxy car.

An AX-L a high spec model in the AX model range for Toyota Alphard. The standard AX typically comes with single power door on the passenger side while the driver side will have vacuum door. Also typically a AX-L will have multi-function steering while an AX comes without. Mine also comes with a roof-mouted LCD which is typically not available on AX.
Here is a view of the middle row seats. Notice the large space in between the middle rows and the front seats
Toyota Alphard Middle Seats We have choosen fabric seats because my wife cannot stands leather smell. I like the beige colour because it make the whole car looks neat and clean, although it is not easy to maintain.

Here is a view from the rear with the boot opened.
Toyota Alphard Cabin Space
The car is still in stock form since I owned it and the only modification I did was changing the stock 16-inch rims to 17-inch rims. Here is a before and after image of the rims.

Toyota Alphard Rims
In future blogs, I am going to cover more details of the features in this giant.

Updates: I have since change my rim back to 16-inch stock set up as shown on the above photo on the left. I also swapped in a new set of Goodyear LS2000 Hybrid II tyres imported from Japan.


  1. I just purchased me a 2002 Toyota Alphard G class and after much researching on the net to find any information regarding my vehicle, I found nothing till I came across your web blog.

    I just wanted to thank you for posting all this information pertaining to the Alphard in ENGLISH. I was so relieved to find this blog of yours.

    Thanks again and please keep us updated.
    Mike from Japan

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I think there are more information on Toyota Alphard in a lot of those Japanese blogs but unfortunately it will take a lot of effort for non-Japanese speaking owners to understand their contents.

    I was in the same shoe as you when I first got my car and that's what prompted to try to put up a blog on Toyota Alphard in a language that most owners will understands.


  3. Yes i totally agree with Michael sincere comments. I have a question to you sir, it is about alphard mileage. In japan, the overall cost totally depend on this factor. As i understand, anyone can have an option to buy an alphard machine with cheap price IF a distance mileage is more than 75K. Please advice with me.. Tq

  4. Hi Adam,

    I think the option is rather limited if you plan to purchase the giant from a local used car dealer. A giant with 75k mileage will not get any buyer if the local used car dealer leave the mileage as it is. Therefore, you'll find that most of the Alphard in the user car dealer premises always have pretty low mileage. I guess you know the reason why as well.

    If you have the option to buy a used Alphard in Japan, owned it for two years or more and then imported it back to here by your own (assuming you have an Approved Permit), then you'll are truly getting a cheap price with a car with that kind of mileage.

    Not sure if I answer your question. If not, please send me an email at


  5. thanks for all the great info...just bought a 2006 hybrid. pleased so far. the mileage was 33000 km when it was exported to jamaica. are those the actual mileage or is it common practice to roll back the odometer. again thanks for the great job youare doing.

    1. I think that is a reasonable mileage for a car of that year. Again we don't know the actual mileage unless you have the final inspection checklist from the dealer who took the car.

      Yes, there are practice to roll back the odometer but I don't think it is coming from dealer in Japan but rather the dealer in country who take delivery of the car.